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I have an NRA Endowment Member sticker on my vehicle and a couple NRA jackets.

Immediately after Sandy Hook, I did think about storing the jackets and removing the sticker in order to go "under the radar." I finally decided that no, I'm going to make a stand and show the world that here's a responsible and law abiding gun owner who doesn't feel the need to hide. I channeled my energy into contacting my legislators, and it appears to have paid off (one Senator has tempered support for a ban).

I have not once had anybody even look askance at me for my NRA sticker or jackets. This tends to be a more conservative area, but even in the more left leaning pockets I haven't seen any blowback.

I don't think we need to hide. The majority of Americans know that we aren't to blame for the acts of a madman.
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