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Originally Posted by Fishbed77
Then get a CMP Garand. Maybe a Special Grade. They are, for all practical purposes, a new rifle built on a refurbished receiver. $995.
Fishbed speaks truth.

My Special Grade looked brand new. WWII serialed receiver with some WWII hardware, new barrel and wood, it looks GREAT. At least, it did until I dropped it and dinged the stock right as I was getting ready to oil it.

Can't give me anything nice.

25 coats of BLO and 3 light coats of wax later, it looks great. Except for the nick. Unfortunately, I've not yet had time to shoot it, but if somebody wants a good M1 Garand, the CMP Special will be a basically new rifle- maybe not the most collectible, but definitely in fantastic shape and ready for a good long lifetime of shooting.
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