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Here's yet another revision...

This added three columns from the Wikipedia page for the three most common restrictive laws- FOID style permits to purchase, Assault Weapons Bans, and May Issue Carry laws.

If the law was on the books, but not enforced, or not statewide, I counted it. For example Denver has an AWB but Colorado does not. One of the states was noted as having May Issue permit laws that functioned as Shall Issue based on current enforcement.

This gave me some REALLY interesting results, and pointed out a REALLY interesting result I'd been missing so far.

In the TOTAL homicide column, the permissive states are higher. In the Firearm homicide column, the rates are lower. When you divide based on any restrictive laws in our list, the permissive states have a higher homicide count. Firearms homicides are exactly the same- AND the same as the national average- before any state is divided out for its laws.

Edit: Whoops, I didn't count Colorado...

ReEdit: Double Whoops. I did count them, they're Row 9 in the formulas. They just didn't get color coded.
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