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I don't even know what a Darwin Fish is

No stickers, don't advertise, don't dodge from conversations at work either. I also work on Military Bases.

Attitudes are changing in Arizona about guns. At first when the new law was signed were anyone could carry concealed or not, many folks were straping, packing, and they were letting their guns show "just enough".

You could see people looking, they would be looking around like "is that bulge a gun?". But as time goes on it's like they are beginning to realize that the wild west gunfights aren't happening like they were afraid they were. No blood in the streets other then that nut that shot Gabby Giffords and those other folks. And now people seem to just role with it, the guns are less openly displayed. No one knows where they all are, and a little more time is all we need in order to see the real effect in Arizona.

BTW, The antis know that the clock is ticking, AZ. might become a stake in the heart for a bunch of this gun control stuff.
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