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As much as I hate to admit it, and as much as I will continue to be vocally against it... I think the probability of FTF sales going away at the federal level is coming. The propoganda machine of the "gunshow loophole", no matter how it's marketed, makes a compelling argument to the average American. Your average democrat will scream and rave if somebody mentions "voter ID law", but at the same time, will rant and rave when they hear you can buy a gun without 20 gov't hoops to jump through.

I also know a lot of gun owners who would be totally willing to "compromise" on this issue for no AWB or mag-limits. I do my best to constantly push the idea that "this is just the next step in the anti's overall plan of completely disarming civilians through complete bans and confiscation"... some get it, some don't.

Since private firearm sales law have always been left up to individual states, I'm wondering about what legal challenges the states may have to stand on. Is there some sort of "free trade" or "states rights" argument that can be made? I'm out of my element here.
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