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Any historians out there?

I've got an idea floating around in my head... Anyone seen the movie or read the book A Time To Kill? Ah hell, Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't seen it... protagonist giving his closing argument describes one crime as justifying motivation for the crime currently being tried... then flips it on its ear by changing the race involved. I'm working on an idea to do much the same... and I'm looking for a famous speech - preferably from Congress regarding the justification of slavery... something with the general (and incorrect, I'm not espousing, just looking to borrow from it) gist being the slaves aren't mentally competent to be free men, and they benefit from slavery. I'm sure there's something like that out there either in a philosopher's book, or a congressional speech or something along those lines...

I'd like to take that monologue, replace slavery references with gun owner references, let it dangle out there until someone takes the bait, then tell them about the switch.
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