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rings and bucket

I save the rings I can, like when reloading after cleaning. But not so much in the field.
When plinking / target shooting I save if I catch them before hitting the dirt. Always have.
I'm cheap.

Bullet bucket.
I did same basic thing, but from wood. built a 16 x 18 box. left front open.
I hung starting at back rubber mudflap, about 1 inch of old newspaper, mudflap,
1 inch of newspaper. Then mounted two of the big pinch clamp paper clips on the
top front. Taped my target to a piece of cardboard. Mount the cardboard with the clamps.
I put legs on mine as I want the target at least close to level with my chest.
The paper slows the bullet, the rubber being dense and gives slows it more.

But this one is only for BP revolver.
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