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you need more than the .35 Whelen. You're missing the other wildcats like 6mm-06, 8mm-06, .375 Whelen, and .400 Whelen in addition to the .35 Whelen.
Very true, but I didnt have room on the picture to list all those. Wildcats to me are low priority, I focus more on the factory rounds. If I run into a wildcat I do snatch it up. I have a .300 Gibbs and .338 Gibbs I technically could have added into the 30-06 family but didnt.

The .270 Winchester was not based on the .30-06. It was based on the older .30-03 cartridge.
You are correct. Again I labeled this as the 30-06 family, not the 30-06 offspring. If I had a 30-03 in my collection I probably would have included it in the lineup as the granddaddy of all 30-06 related rounds. Technically the 30-03 came from the 8mm mauser case. Besides, what fun is it to take a picture of just the .270?

Cool side factoid, the 30-06 pictured in the lineup has a headstamp that says ".30 GI 1906".
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