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JohnnyC wrote:
What's an Elvis Plate worth? Can you eat off of it?
Makes a great 1200 yard target

Boogie Man wrote:
This is more like a Mustang GT -vs- a Saleen Mustang. Both are bad azz, but one is prodeced in a limited number and has a bit more performance and style.
Both are the product of some marketing people attempting to convince me that I "deserve" to pay more for this particular Mustang instead of something less expensive. Bottom line in those two vehicles is that I paid more than the next guy. So I want that next guy to admire me. Having a higher monthly loan bill is the only true difference. "Wow Lumpy, you've got a cool car" simply means "Wow Lumpy, you chose to pay more for your material object".

I'm not a fan at all of any "manufactured rarity" widgets, cars, guns or anything else. What makes them rare is simply that the advertising people deliberately made them rare. That kind of attachment to a physical object does absolutely nothing to increase it's worth to me.

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