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What kind of ammo are you using?

You might try a sample of plain,common brass case 9mm hardball,like the white box or Fiocchi or WW.
This last time it was S&B 115gr commercial hardball. I first noticed the problem a year or two ago, shooting CCI Blazer I believe. At that time, I cleaned it good, put it in the safe and forgot about it (it's always been a safe queen). The gun did fire fine when I first got it about 6 years ago or so. I'll see what I have in the 9mm department and try a few different brands if I have them.

A mechanical pencil,with the thin lead,you can drag and probe around in there,you will be able to feel any significant texture.It you can't feel the flaws with a pencil tip,probably insignificant.Silly putty does a great job of taking an impression.A gob pressed onto the chamber wall and carefully lifted off will give you something to read.Did you look at the brass?Anything strange?Gall,scrape,scratches,etc?
I'll try the silly putty trick when I get home tonight.

Under a magnifying glass and with strong light, it looks like someone took a stainless steel bottle brush and twisted it in the chamber to clean it (though it could just be toolmarks from when the barrel was made). Lots of fine scratches around the circumference. It also looks like they did the same thing to the bore, but those scratches go lengthwise.

Oddly, I compared the chamber and bore to my model 1927 Sistema and the both have the same scratches (over cleaning in service I suppose). The Systema's chamber looks much worse in fact with some pitting as well. Yet the Systema shoots and cycles just fine.

Unloaded,hammer cocked,put your thumb in the guard and finger under the bushing and ease the slide back about 1/2 in.The link will pull the barrel down,you will feel the underlug of the barrel contact the frame.That is where the barrel stops.
Easing the slide back like you say, the barrel drops and disengages the slide smoothly. I'm not seeing any battering of the top lugs.

Now the stop in the frame seems to have some battering and you can see some wear at the edges of the lower lug under the chamber. I wonder if this is from someone thumbing the slide release and dropping the slide on an empty chamber?

Thanks for your help and advice everyone!

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