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Rossi/Taurus (it had the taurus name on the box) 357 snubnose.
Nice gun and great shooter, when it worked. The problem was it broke frequently, and unpredictably.
The same part failed 3x, the cylinder bolt. Cheap metal or poorly heat-treated, whatever, the same internal part kept cracking.
First time, after 50 rounds and 1 day after purchase.
Second failure, after maybe 500 rounds and 6 months after getting failure #1 fixed.
Third failure, after 6 rounds and 1 day after getting failure #2 fixed.

The gun was only $315 but i spent over $150 sending it back and forth to the factory for slow slow repairs (6+ weeks each time).
Sold that piece of crap and never looked back. Never again either. (Bought a Ruger and an S&W, and never again a problem. Too bad I didn't pay a little more at first)
There are some good tauri out there but something like 1/4 to 1/3 of them that I've seen, including mine, have serious quality problems for which there is no excuse. (Numbers apparently pretty close to the poll numbers here) Add poor customer service on top of that and you've got ... the Taurus experience.
Would you buy a cheaper seatbelt for your car, if so many of them had problems? Why do it with a gun? Go ahead, roll the dice, spend $75 less and see if you roll a "7" and get one that works and won't break. Get one if you like it, but I'm plugging my ears when and if it breaks, I don't wanna hear it. Consider yourself warned, take the advice or leave it...
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