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Even if the chamber is rough, it should at least try to cycle. The fact that it does not is interesting. 9X19mm is tapered, so even with a rough chamber it should cycle and extract. What does the brass look like? How hard is it to cycle by hand after firing? How hard is it to cycle by hand unfired? I am thinking it may be the recoil spring or the link rather than the chamber.
I'm a big dummy and forgot to collect the brass. I'll try it shooting it again this weekend and get the brass this time.

It does not seem unusually difficult to cycle after firing or just manually cycling cold.

Clean the chamber with acetone, or acetone based nail polish remover.
Some european milspec pistol ammo originally intended for SMG use has coated cases and/or thick neck sealants that can end up coating the chamber with a laquer like gunk. .
I've experienced that before with other guns, but I'm not seeing any indication of that here. I did try a good cleaning of the chamber with gunscrubber and Hoppe's #9. In my pictures, you can see it is very clean.
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