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"B) More than half a dozen firearms, that I have owned or been directly involved with.
For starters -
A .357 revolver that blew its barrel off with the first shot. (It had been over-torqued and cracked at the factory.)
A .38 Special revolver that unscrewed its barrel with 4 shots fired. (Under-torqued.)
A .357 revolver that had its timing so far off, it was striking the extreme edge of the cartridge primers and splitting bullets on the forcing cone. (Complete lack of quality control.)
A PT-138 that might let you get 2 shots off, before jamming, if you were very lucky - and that was only when light firing pin strikes were letting it fire at all. (Stupid design, and no quality control.)
A post-Taurus Rossi 62 "Gallery" that A) would barely feed and never eject, and B) fired any time the action closed. (Cheap parts, and no quality control. Before Rossi was eaten by Taurus, the 62s were good rifles.)"

it always interests me that some people keep buying a brand that does not work for them. i mean fool me once but fool me twice and i won't be fooled again (or whatever foolish quote gw bush said). i mean if i bought one gun with problems i probably would never buy another of that brand. yet some people keep buying and buying and buying and buying the same thing with the same results. it just doesn't sound quite right to me. now i have purchased 1 gun at a time 2 revolvers and 4 semi auto taurus guns. all have worked perfectly and i still have all 6 guns. if at anytime i would have gotten a lemon i would have stopped buying anyting taurus. since every taurus i bought has worked perfectly my next purchase will be a 22/22mag taurus revolver.
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