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I have a Savage 10 FP (the older model before the FCP-K came out).
It likes the 150 and 168 grain Sierra Match King and 155 and 168 grain Nosler Custom Competition bullets the best.

My rifle happens to shoot the Noslers just a bit more accurately overall, but there are a few SMK loads that are really good too. The Noslers like to be seated out about 0.020 - 0.030 COAL more than the Sierras because of the long pointy bullet shape.

My rifle also shoots Berger bullets well but I admit that I haven't gotten the optimum load and seating depth for the Berger 150 and 168 grain bullets yet but I'm still working on it. They also have a very long bullet shape.

I also shoot 175 SMKs, Nosler CCs and Bergers but the heavier weight bullets don't group as well at 100 yards - almost 0.100 more on average - but there are a few good loads that work almost as well as the 150s and 168s. The 175s do seem to hold their own at 200 yards.

Every barrel is different so you might find that 175s or heavier shoot best in your rifle.
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