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Browning Auto-5 with safety problem

I have recently picked up a nice, older Belgium made A-5 with the safety that slides through the trigger guard back and fourth. It has no tension on the safety itself, so it just falls back and fourth. There is no retention - if that makes more sense.

I can see a small indention in the bolt. I did some digging and from what I can tell, there should be a ball that is nestled down into the trigger guard itself (most likely having a sprimg behind it?) that falls into this indention in the bolt. (Think about the same principle in an AR15 with the safety selector detent)

I found some picture diagrams on google images that seem to show the ball. Note number B1111390 in this image:

I also found this when searching for the part number.

Would the receiver have to come completely apart to get to this thing?

Is this a common problem? Also, I'm trying to figure out how the one that was in there got out..This seems like one of those parts that could never find a way out, unless someone had the receiver apart at one time and lost it..

Also, as it appears out of stock in that link, does anybody know where I can get the part, and possibly the spring as well (provided there is one behind it)?

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