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What they are really after is total control over every citizen. It has started with religion, they took the morning prayer out of our schools, they took God out of the pledge of allegiance, they advocate homosexuality, the former AWB increased crime and when it was discontinued the crime rate has lessened. It has been shown even in FBI statistics that where the most stringent gun laws exist the crime rate is the highest. So why do they want another AWB, because it is another step in disarming the citizenry to take us from being law abiding citizens to making us subjects under their power.
The anti gun folks need to read up on history and see what actually is happening around us. Take a look at Europe and Australia and see what has happened there. Politicians take an oath to defend the constitution, but yet they are chipping away at the rights the constitution guarantees us. When we allow one amendment to be taken away, the rest will follow. Our fore fathers did not create the constitution for fun, but out of necessity to guarantee freedom for themselves and all future generations.
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