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That is probebly true John. What I see here is 85% of people here that have Taurus seem to be ok with them. They either have a flawless set up or the issues they have are so minor they are keeping them. The top 2 catigory's are to be throw out,as they mean nothing.
Also- Keep in mind the people in this forum are above and beyond normal people when it comes to fire arms. I have no idea what % of people on this forum would be compared to % of people that own fire arms,but i have to believe it is less than 1%. You know as well as me that a lot of people on this forum will trash a fire arm if it does not shoot bullseyes for them right away.

I just think a lot of over reacting goes on in here and you have to seperate that from reality. Case in point is the Hi-Point I keep mentioning. They take a beating in here from all. And In reality they are ugly and heavy, but performace wise they will run with the best and when the best die--they will keep running.

Every one is a pro on the internet.

I picked up my Taurus PT1911 out of the blue, At that time ( and still now) I know nothing of pistols and I will never claim to be a Pro as I have to many other things going on inmy life to care. I read no reviews or talked to any one before I purchased it. It was a very nice looking pistol with a good price. I held many different ones before i purchased it. Maybe I got a good one, maybe the talk in here is BS,I don't know. I have well over 5000 rounds down this thing and it just keeps on going. I did have one FTF,but that was my load with a 185gn SWC and i wrote it off. I will count my blessing on this purchase and go from there.
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