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Aguila, you are very cocksure of that. No one knows how SCOTUS will vote. If they vote these laws as constitutional we are absolutely screwed in the worst imaginable way. Right after that, the fed will throw out a 5-round limit and the next thing you know we will all be using bolt actions again.

We have 3 absolute socialists.

We have 1 relatively unknown who will probably be a socialist.

We have 1 populist.

We have 1 constitutionalist.

We have 3 conservatives in various forms.

Yes SCOTUS ruled recently (twice) on RKBA, but we still have a ton of ground to get the 2A as a respected "right" of the people with a firm history. For all they are worth Heller and McDonald have not made much headway for gun rights. The only major wins we've had were in the 7th (Ezell and now Moore). On the other end we have had the CA1, CA2, CA4, and CA9 all say that magically "keep and carry in case of confrontation" may be a the discretion of the state.
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