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Lots of good replies, and I will address some of them here:

As to my thoughts of switching calibers, it is more to do with access to ammunition rather that pure cost. Many places around me don't have ANY target 9mm, and the SD ammo is flying off the shelves. While my EDC is a 9mm, by owning an additional 9mm that will require regular practice, my question was more about the long term availability of ammo. Plus, as a small time collector, I was considering owning a different caliber, for something different. I consider guns to be tools, and the more tools in my tool box that I can use effectively, the better.

I'm gonna stick with the 9mm, for many of the reasons you guys suggested, but also because I had more 9mm tucked away than I thought. I keep them in a drawer, and when i looked at it today, I realized I had about 200 rounds more than I thought. How convenient!

Originally Posted by Mezzanine
Do you enjoy shooting 9mm more than .40? Are you willing to shoot the .40 once 9mm returns to the shelf at a good price?
good question, and the answer would be a definite maybe. That's part of my hesitation.

Originally Posted by TheNocturnus
I had the same dilemma. I ended up switching to the .40 because I can find it fairly easily. Once all of this craziness settles down I will likely trade towards a 9mm.

I got a Kahr CW40 by the way.
I was thinking about doing this myself, if I didn't like the 40.

Originally Posted by BigJimP
9mm ammo is available in a lot of places in my area at around $ 20 - $ 24 for a box of 50 rds..../ will the price come down, it should, but I really have no idea if it will or not....
If only I were so lucky...

Originally Posted by BigJimP
but changing to a .40S&W - because there is ammo available temporarily, makes little to no sense to me...especially if you have other 9mm guns now.
Which is why I am bouncing it off you guys first

Originally Posted by BigJimP
If the new gun runs reliably after 100 - 200 rds then make a decision to carry it or not....or carry one of your other 9mm's..../ or go to a .40S&W if you want to - but in the long run, it won't be less expensive to shoot a .40S&W than it is to shoot a 9mm....
and if you can't afford 9mm ammo at $ 24 for a box of 50 rds...then consider reloading...
I have debated this, but for now, I am gonna have to put that off. I know it will save me money in the end, but I would rather own my home (as opposed to renting) before I get into reloading. Just me, probably being paranoid.

Originally Posted by BigJimP
I don't get why you want another gun right now at what are often inflated prices right now anyway ....?? ( not that you shouldn't buy it - if its what you want / and pay whatever it takes to practice with it ) just seems like a poor time to get all worked up over a new gun if you can't afford the price of ammo to practice with it - or break it in - or to practice with your other guns.
Believe me, I have been eying one of these beauties for a while, and my LGS hasn't jacked the price on them. Still sitting below MSRP. For some reason, around here, the px4 just isn't getting any love. Not that I mind...
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