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Originally Posted by Art Eatman
But, since this is basically about thirty-caliber hollow-point in common usage, the Hague thing is off-topic.
Indeed it is, and my apologies. It is just when someone posts complete nonsense and essentially accuses our military of war crimes, I just can't leave it alone.

Pops1085, I guess the short answer to your question is he observation that there are a lot of different types of hollow points, with differing performance based on different design decisions based on the intended use.

Varmint hollow points, designed for extremely rapid expansion in small thin skinned game would probably make a mess in a deer, but without deep penetration, and while probably fatal would not be instantly so.

Match hollow points don't generally expand at all, and would most likely act like a FMJ, pass right through with a smallish exit wound. As mentioned, not really suitable for hunting.

Medium/big game hunting hollow points are designed to expand in larger game with good penetration, and would work great for deer.

To further confuse things, bringing the polymer tips into the equasion, there are Match (Hornady AMAX) Varmit (Hornady V-Max, Sierra Blitzking, Nosler BT-Varmint) and big game (Hornady SST, Nosler BT-Hunting) versions of those as well.

Clear as mud?
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