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John-- I bet you could post this for any other brand and be very close to the same response level.
Why not try it as an experiment. I'd be interested to see the results.
Go to google and type in problems with ???? any other brand. You will find thousands and thousands of hits on all brands.
Of course, but that is VERY different from a poll like this one that provides a baseline to compare the problem reports.

When you can compare the number of unsatisfied owners who respond to the total number of owners that respond, you can get a feel for the percentage of unsatisfied owners.

When you look at search hits, you have no frame of reference to interpret the number of hits obtained. There could be literally millions of satisfied owners, but if you look for only problems you won't know how many there are. For example, if there were a million satisfied owners that would mean that even 10000 unsatisfied owners would amount to only 1% of the total.
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