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I have the Revolution and the Diamondback. I think they are pretty close. Edge clarity on the diamondback at low power is my only gripe about it. Dont really have a gripe about the Redfield, its just an average scope. The Redfield Revenge is about as optically crisp as my truck winshield after I have been mud riding. The Revenge is extremely sub-par to the Revolution. Burris customer service ticked me off a few years ago and I am finished with them. I had a signature that would not group and they insisted nothing was wrong with it. They eventually fixed it after I sent it back enough times. I wont buy a Weaver because you have to keep up with the receipt. I have a Weaver now that I cant get fixed because I cant find the receipt. Prostaff in my opinion is optically equal to the revolution and Diamondback, but mechanically sub-par to both them.

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