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Gun Owner/Shooter Public Identification

Let me preface this by saying I am a member of the NRA,have a permit to carry,belong to a local shooting club . I am training my 11 year old grand son and nine year old grand daughter to shoot when they visit.

Given the current climate regarding gun ownership and the Second Amendment I would like to hear how members of the forum feel about the following.

I have removed my NRA sticker from my vehicle. To leave it on is an open invitation for police interaction, not warranted by state law where I live, and possible damage to the vehicle by anti gun dissidents.In the same vein I no longer wear a cap from my gun club nor have given my grandson the NRA cap I bought him.He lives out of state and only wears it at the range when he visits. Visitors to my home are kept away from my gun collection and I do not even mention my interest in firearms in normal conversation.

My style is not that of the firebrand who will be vilified as a "gun nut"; but rather of the law abiding gun owner who stays beneath the radar rather than giving away his position . What say you? Buckley
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