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I'm curious to know if a Hi Power owner carrys it on a daily basis, in what condition is it carried. Cocked and locked? Loaded with the hammer down? No round in the chamber? Or other.
When I carry mine it is always cocked and locked.

My biggest objection to the Browning Hi-Power is that since John M. Browning/Dieudonne Saive designed it as a 9MM it can't be manufactured as a 45 without major redesign and tooling.
The BHP was a contract gun. The contract called for a 9mm pistol built to a particular spec. If the spec had called for it to be chambered in 22LR that is what JMB would have designed it in. The same holds true for the 1911. Much of what it became was based on what the spec said it had to be. Faulting it because it is a 9mm seems odd to me.
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