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request permission to pick some brains.

I try to do something good to myself on ocassion, got a new Savage 10fcp-k coming soon. I am going at this time with a Nikon monarc gold 2.5x10 using the 6 screw 30mm rings. I am also thinking about using an elevated 20 moa rail.. The rifle will be purchased first then the optic comes later .

I am going to throw a bullet out and am interested in the replies The cal is 308 / 762 the projectile is speer 165 gr btsp It has a published b/c of.520 and flies well for me.I usually mate it with with 4064 or varget for my best results.

At this time I only load hunting type rounds but if I find a target type projectile that preforms above and beyond this will be a great bonus

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