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James K
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I admit that I have become a bit discouraged trying to discuss guns with the dedicated anti-gunner. I have been called a lunatic, a murderer, a right-wing crazy, a Fascist, a Nazi, a baby killer. I have been told I not only have no right to own a gun, I have no right to an opinion, no right to speak, no right to live if I don't conform to the politically correct view and kneel at the feet of the current political leadership.

I once tried to become "friendly" with a beautiful young woman from the National Council to Ban Handguns.* She told me that those who opposed a gun ban "should be shot down in the streets until the gutters run with your blood." And those are the kind of people who claim they want "reasonable" laws and "sensible" solutions. And who claim they respect our Second Amendment rights. Sure.

*OK, I was trying to make out. I gave up the idea.

Jim K
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