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kcub said:
The only Smiths in the same class as a python was the triple lock and the registered magnum.
I will certainly diasgree with you there. I've owned and shot many .357 Magnum double action revovlers, and I consider the L-Framed Distinguished Combat Magnum, Model 586, to be the finest double action revolver made yet. The ".357 Magnum" (later to become the Model 27) is a fine revolver, but is a tad too much for the .357 Magnum round. That, plus the fact that it and the Python shared one fault, in my opinion, of having a rather short cylinder. The Model 19 compensated for this with a longer cylinder, but lacked enough "beef" in the frame. This was corrected in the Model 586.

That's my findings at any rate.

Bob Wright
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