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L = increased mv

One of the advantages of the new savage with the 24" tube for me will be increased m/v. The dpms lr308 is in my openion a fine weapon and the only shortcoming I have found is the one time I went to a 1000 yard informal shoot in Oklahoma. I had cronoed' my loads here to arrive at the target @1120+. This was at or slightly over recommended rx's. All rather hot loads.

Long story short we had a head wind blowing directly in our face. and probably 40% of my volleys were landing just prior to the target . I did get some good solid hits (targets were man size steel which would give you an immediate feedback.

After returning home I ran the numbers on the sierra computor program and yes they were to stay sonic to 1000 but more likely than not the headwind was causing my loads to go subsonic prior to reaching the 1000 yd target

Live and learn.
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