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It all depends on how desirable a particular gun is on the market, or to a potential buyer.

It's as simple as that.

Low production numbers, and a desirable combination can command a decent amount of money.

A "Limited Edition" with a limited appeal, isn't going to fetch much, unless you find a buyer that is in "have to have it" mode.

IMO, sometimes the "Limited Edition" part would make it worthe LESS to me.

Example: I recently saw a 5" N frame S&W in 44/40. Model 544, That IMO is a pretty cool combination. However....It's a "Texas Wagon Train Commemerative" with a big engraved logo on the side.

If I had some kind of connection to Texas or Texas Wagon Trains, this could well be something interesting, but being a native New Englander, the big logo on the side kind of fouls an otherwise cool revolver for me. To the right person this could increase the value to them, but to me it's a detractor.

On the other hand, a "Limited Production" Lew Hortan 3" barrel 44 special Model 24 would likely get my attention.
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