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I believe the chaotic political, social and economic conditions tell us that many leaders are looking for the means to have a sense of control in the case of a meltdown- most likely it will be economicaaly driven in my opinion. There are other leaders however that seem bent on domination for ideological reasons. This is seen in the previous comments.

They want control because they think they know whats best for us. Yes. They genuinely believe this. They want you to give up your individualism. Guns are a a huge indication of a man or womans desire to be free to enjoy the varied sport of shooting, protect self and others and to partake in our 2nd amendment right. You know that though.

My response (has been for years) to do what I know is best:
Minister to the needy more;
Buy local if possible;
Support youth and community arts, academics and sports;
Les interest attending the entertainment venues- especially movies since so much is political and much immoral.

In essence, invest more in my community, show compassion...and conceal carry

I know my response goes beyond this threads topic; i just feel we have to respond where we live in order to show contrast to the innane leadership in DC.

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