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Limited editions and other examples of "manufactured rarity" usually don't add a lot of value in the long run. It's like those plates from the Franklin Mint.

500 isn't an insignificant number to begin with, and something that's made and marketed as a limited edition is more likely to survive the ravages of time as a safe queen, compared to "regular" guns that are shot, carried, dropped, bought, sold and lost.

Using a car analogy, the 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda convertible is truly "rare" - they only made 11 of them. Not because they were a "limited edition", but rather because they were a weird configuration to begin with; not many people would order the temperamental, expensive Hemi engine in the absolute heaviest version of the Cuda. Hemis made more sense in a lightweight body meant to be used in racing.

But 40+ years later, they're going for $1+ million.
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