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further in the law anything that has capacity greater than 7 is banned. exception for tubular fed rifle 22. no exception for nine shot revolver 22. In addition 8 shot .357 mag would also be banned.
AFAIK it is not 100% clear whether >7 shot revolvers, along with >7rd en bloc clips (e.g. M1 Garand), count as LCAFDs. I have discussed this at length in other threads. It seems like they could be covered if the wording is interpreted in a particular way, but AFAIK the actual applicability is unclear.

OTOH integral tubular centerfire magazines clearly CAN be considered LCAFDs because rimfire mags are exempted.

Speaking of such magazines... another similar quandary to the "mini shells" is a .357Mag lever rifle loaded with .38 Long Colt or a .44Mag lever rifle loaded with .44 Russian. It's doubtful that most modern manufacturers have bothered to measure the mag capacity of these rifles when loaded with these obsolete, shorter cartridges, but the capacity could increase by 2-3 rounds, leaving owners or buyers in a state of potentially unknown legal jeopardy.
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