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I.D.a old fired ball

Try to make this long story short.While in the Navy stationed at The Naval Weapons annex north of Charleston in 1960, there was a fire in the West Virginia Pulp and Paper forest and all off duty personel were ask to help contain the fire.We were given a shovel and told to clear a fire break lane.During my shoveling I scraped up some bones which I thought were deer bones but after seeing finger or toe bones along with arm and leg bones I figured it was a mass burrial of some kind. After everything was done I reported this to the guy in charge and he called in a Civil War historian. A few weeks later I was asked to show a few people where the bones were found which I did.We went to the place and they did some digging and said it was probably a field hospital site.While they were digging I picked up this fired ball and am wondering what caliber it was. The measurements are .755 wide and .390 thick. It weighs 277 gns.I weighed one of my .45 balls and it is 139 gns so I know it is larger than .45. It is covered in a thick hard patina that I scraped off in a couple spots to be sure it was lead.Anybody have a idea of the caliber. I will try posting photos but haven't had much luck lately.

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