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It is....

My favorite pistol for the reasons below:

1. Ergonomics - pretty much points itself.
2. Easily my most accurate pistol. Probably tied to #1 above.
3. "Just right" size for a 9mm - not blocky or clunky. Easy to carry.
4. Looks (self explanatory).
5. Parts/mags/accessories are not going away with it being in service for 75 years.
6. Mystique - yes, I like it just because it is a Browning/WWII pistol/older design that still holds up/full of history.

*However, I can not get over the ones selling for $800+ used. In my mind, it is a $600 pistol (new) with $200 worth of mystique. I am just curious - what do you consider "a song" as far as the price you mentioned?

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