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I saw the Springfield Armory M1 Garands. My recollection was that the cast receivers were made in Austrailia. The wood was new Boyd's, all other metal parts were GI. Garand parts were cheap then, compared to now. You could get a like new bolt for $35.00.

Garands/M14's were very expensive firearms to make. They were on a par with FAL's. Adjusted for inflation, the prices for new FAL's , as found in Gun Digest of the 70's, would be about $3,000. I believe Garands/M14's would cost about the same if made of all forged parts.

I was talking with Garand availability with an active Highpower Competitor since the early 60’s. It was very hard to get a Garand. The only way to get a NM Garand was to go to Camp Perry and buy one for $160.00. That was $1,160 in 2011 money. You could buy a used one, from ads in the American Rifleman, but they were going for $86.00. Most civilian competitors shot with M1903A3’s. This gentleman was able to get “his” Garand after he bought a Devine M1a in the 70’s.
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