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I've waited patiently to see just how the tone of the thread as a whole was going to transpire from beginning to end. I don't think the end result is going to matter much at this point. Here's my assessment:

1. From the get-go it's obvious you're not going to be happy if a member of the Reese family would personally deliver your Operator when they're finished with the warranty work.

2. History on my business with them dictated they would have to "charge" me with upgrades on the gun and such like they're doing with you only to receive the finished product at my doorstep with an invoice showing a zero balance (minus the upgrade itself).

So basically they have to do the warranty work, refinish, and return it to me. Then I mail it back, they strip it again, and do the front strap, and refinish? That is the type of bureaucracy only a liberal could create. I'm sorry, but this makes no sense to me.
That's not what I'm reading.

I'd sure like to see the full email to see the whole context of what Springfield is responding.
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