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I far prefer Nosler Partions as a game bullet over any other brand. This doesnt mean others dont work. I must have the worst luck with Remington Cor-Lokt,s. Others swear they are great bullets, deep penatrating and hold togeather well. I have used 4 on mule deer and all but one desintigrated with mere inches of penatration. My findings fall in line with and old adage spoken by more than one proffesional hunter. The adage is "Nothing can be determined as to caliber, bullet weight, or design till a minimum of 30 head of game has been shot with one combination. Only then can useful imformation be obtained". I have not shot 30 head of game with the Cor-Lokt's but I have with Nosler Partions and have never found them wanting. I am sure others have had good luck and vast experence with other brands as well.
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