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The demand was not so great until after these models were discontinued.

Guns equal to, or better, were available from Smith & Wesson, and remain so.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me why Colt quit making the snake series (Diamondback, Python, King Cobra, and Anaconda) of revolvers?
Don't forget about the more obscure Colt snake guns such as the Boa (MKV trooper action with Python barrel), the Viper (Police Positive Special airweight 4in) and the Cobra (D frame airweight, often are snubnose). And last but not least, the Colt Garter snake, a 5 shot 22 short revolver. RARE!

Too bad they put so much effort into low production guns. Its a shame what happened to Colt, but then again, when you make your bed...

The only Smiths in the same class as a python was the triple lock and the registered magnum.
Ya, if you buy the Python kool-aid. Just about any 5 screw S&W is as good as a Python. The sights were better, triggers are great on the old S&Ws, and let me tell ya, old S&W bluing is just as "royal". I mean come on man, tell me this isn't as nice as a Python (5 screw 357 magnum, shipped 1951):

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