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Here's my latest response from SA:

First, the repair dept. has to determine if the issues are warranty and then address them. That department usually quotes around 2 to 4 weeks. If you would like to have any upgrades done then it would go into the Custom shop. Machine checkering (an upgrade) is what takes +/- 12wks not the Repair dept. If the frame is not correctly machined and the Repair dept. has to refit slide to frame or any other work then it “usually” takes them 2 to 4 weeks. They will refinish in that department and all warranty work is of course free. The Repair/Warranty dept. would address issues that are under warranty and reship back to the owner of the firearm all free. Any upgrades goes into the Custom shop, such as Checkering which is running around 12 weeks – there is no rushing in this dept. If you have checkering done and it will require refinishing then the procedure is to charge for that cost and return shipping. I cannot override this procedure. I will forward this email to Mr. Williams and ask him to reply back to me or you with your request. The departments are separate. The Repair/Warranty all under warranty and the Custom shop a department of “upgrades” . If you have no upgrades done and the Repair/Warranty dept. finds your pistol to be all warranty then of course it will be repaired and returned with no charge.

So basically they have to do the warranty work, refinish, and return it to me. Then I mail it back, they strip it again, and do the front strap, and refinish? That is the type of bureaucracy only a liberal could create. I'm sorry, but this makes no sense to me.

I had an issue with my SIG a while back, and it was fixed under warranty. After I sent it, I asked the CS rep if I could add their "Action Enhancement Package." He said "no problem," asked for my CC#, and it was a done deal. He obviously didn't charge shipping becasue it was already covered under the warranty process. I thought I would go ahead and do the same thing here.

Maybe Mr. Williams will be able to do something here, as my experiences with his company and product so far have been gutter.
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