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I have studied terminal ballistics for 4 decades now and have over 200 bullets recovered from game animals, so I do have some knowledge of this subject. There are some incorrect statement above. The 30-30 is still loaded with 170 grain hollow points by Remington. Federal is also loading a 125 grain hollowpoint 30-30 round. Yes there are a few manufacturers that load hollow points in 30-06. Winchester is currently loading their POWER MAX line of ammo which is a hollow point. I have shot 2 antelope and 2 mule deer bucks with them and WOW they do indeed expand. The US is currently using hp ammo which is a violation of the Hauge convention. As I understand it, the government is not bound by this convention at this time as we are fighting non uniformed terrorists, not identifyable combantants, thus the use of this ammo is not in violation of the law. The above sentence I have heard but have not confirmed. Can anyone shed so light on this subject? Hollowpoint ammo IS made to expand and rapidly in most cases. Barnes X bullets were all hollowpoint at first. There were a few exceptions to the rule. Peters old Belted Non Desintigrating bullet was a hollowpoint desigh for deep penatration as was Remingtons older Mushroom Cor-Lokts. These 2 designs were built with a heavy jacket all the way to the nose end with no lead exposed, thus slowing expanansion for deep penatration. The newer Winchester Power Max bullets I used on game are so fast expanding that their manufactuer is advising against their use on game larger than deer as they expand too fast for large game. I recover 2 of these bullets from mule deer and their expansion was so violent that the penatraion was mere inches. I will photografh the 2 I recovered if the forum would like to see them. From decades of removing bullets from game I can make a general observation. Hollowpoints are very fast expanding bullets for smaller big game with a few exceptions. Does any forum member have some recovered hollowpoints to share with this forum.
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