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Doesn't get much more waterproof than this:

50rds - 9mm SOC Speer LE Gold Dot 124gr. GDHP Ammo

50rds - 9mm SOC Speer LE Gold Dot 124gr. GDHP Ammo
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This is 9mm SOC Speer Law Enforcement Gold Dot 124gr. Gold Dot Hollow Point Ammo. Speer Gold Dot SOC (Special Operations Cartridge) is also known as Gold Dot Dive Ammunition. This is a rare specialty round, get them while they last! This round is designed to operate in environments where other loads can never go. Dive deep in the water and up to 90 minutes. The bullet is a 124gr Gold Dot Hollow Point electrochemically bonded hollow point. The primer is a CCI #529. The proprietary primer sealer is fluorescent under ultraviolet light. Special mouth sealant to prevent water intrusion. Muzzle velocity of 1150fps from a standard 4” SAAMI barrel. 950 fps from an MP5SD. This is well below the speed of sound. Every round is inspected to ensure the quality standards of Law Enforcement customers. A special propellant powder is selected to minimize muzzle flash and residue. Passes waterproof test DOD-STD- 1468, pressurized for 30 min to 25 psi. Additional testing to double pressure, three times duration, 50 psi / 115 ft submersion for 90 min. This ammo comes packed in 50rd. boxes.
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