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Originally Posted by Slamfire
The ignorance in the firearms industry is amazing.
It is rather astonishing when you consider how many sharp minds have been involved in the industry at one time or another. But they aren't always met with enthusiasm.

On another board, Mark gives an example:
Larry Moore, who was section chief of small arms at APG to went to FA and was senior munitions engineer there and then to RIA as Chairman of the Configuration Control Board…

…did tell me he was constantly fighting with Lake {City} to produce better (closer dispersion) ammo especially in the MATCH lines and I know the folks at Lake hated him and were tickled no end when he retired with 42 years service and the MATCH lot acceptance from then on was mostly waivered.

He personally oversaw and ordered the selected componant{s for} production on lots 60-1, 60-2, 60-3, 60-4 and 60-5 which were all outstanding M118 runs and I suspect there is not a round left to be had as the MTUs snatched it all up quickly. Larry retired soon thereafter and Lake went back to their same old practices. Thusly, when Federal came up with the much superior FED MATCH their sales went through the roof {to} the MTUs.
Doing anything differently from the way it was always done before meets with a lot of resistance. Probably twice as much resistance if the old way was easier. Probably three times as much resistance if the new way does it better. And that's true even if the better way is easier because it serves to prove they weren't doing as well as they might have done previously. That's taken as an insult and resented above most all else.
"Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity knows no bounds."
The liability issue may be distorting it, but suggesting a primer made specifically for .30 cal gas guns might not be appropriate to use with the single powder most commonly reloaded for use in those guns, is just plain bizarre. Besides, if I recall your own experiments showed in the .30-06 that the velocity produced with 4895 was actually a little lower with the #34 than the Federal 210M produces. That's something Hartmut Broemel comments can happen with some magnum primer formulations. It's not all obvious, I suppose, but one should believe the evidence of ones eyes at some point.
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