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No, ---- $ 1,400 for a fixed choke gun -- is way too much, in my opinion / and I don't care if it is a virtually unfired gun in a box ...which I don't believe....

Browning first made the Invector screw in chokes in the early 1980's ...( the current system of Invector Plus screw in chokes started in about 1989 ) if its a fixed choke gun it was probably made in the 70's ( which doesn't matter) ...its still a solid gun.

But the fixed chokes ...doesn't make it very versatile. I'm saying the older style, Invector screw in chokes in used guns is about $ 1,250 ..../ but a fixed choke gun, in my opinion is only worth about $ 750 ..../ it'll cost you close to $ 500 to have someone thread the barrel for chokes ( that knows what they're doing ) Briley in Texas....

Hold out for a gun that has screw in chokes in it..../ You can buy a brand new Citori lightning for around $ 1,700 ..) why pay $ 1,400 for a fixed choke gun ...???

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