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The High Power dates to 1928 and was well ahead of its time when the only other service type pistol chambered for the full power 9mm Parabellum was the Luger itself.* Even by the end of WWII, its 13+1 capacity made it tops in that category among service pistols. At that time, of course, double action automatic pistols were almost unknown, though Walther was working on the PP model.

Today, the "Browning" High Power is at best obsolescent, kept in production only by the Browning mystique and its many fans. The association with Browning is a bit ironic since JMB, who died in 1926, had almost nothing to do with the final design, which has to be credited to Saive.

*The Mauser C96 in 9mm P was made only during WWI and was the result of wartime expediency.

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