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I'm hazzarding a guess here, but it is just a decent semi-custom put together out of commercial parts. You used to be able to buy the FN actions to build what you wan or they took an old rifle like the JC Higgins M50 and built a 7mm RM on it. The stock is similar to my old M50 rifle as well but mine didn't have the cheek rest or checkering.

My guess is they took an old Higgins rifle or other for a donor and opend the bolt face and worked the feed rails to feed the 7mm RM cartridge and had it rebarreled if it wasn't already a magnum action. The chamber stamp on the barrel isn't roll stamped like it would have been from the factory, so that leads me to think it is a custom barrel. The trigger isn't what I've seen normally on an FN action of that era they have been a simple military style trigger or one with a transfer bar setup like the M50 Higgins I owned. It has had a recoil pad added as well as the old M50 would have had a plastic butt plate.

Here are some pictures of my old Higgins M50 rifle.

I'm not fond of the 7mm RM but is should sever you very well in Colorado.
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