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I've got another buddy who was also looking for a K-22 and he found his Model 18 two weeks ago at a gun show. He did a partial trade and cash to get his. He did even better than I did. The one he brought home was produced around 1971, but it's in much better shape in every direction than this 18 I found last weekend. Came in the original blue box (had to put that in there for ya, BigJimP) and it's just a GEM. That Model 18 is in awesome shape, hardly used and all original.

I was still in the pawn shop and my buddy was doing the NICS check when I called this guy up. He was at the gun show across town buying pulldown milsurp powder. I said, "If I gave you a hundred chances to guess what my buddy just bought, you wouldn't guess it."

So I told him it was a Model 18 and his first response was "How much?" and his second response was "what kind of shape is it in?!"

When I told him it was well-worn but nicely functioning, he let out a huge "WHEW! Okay, now I feel better!" He's a heckuva guy and a great friend, but he doesn't wanna be one-upped on a gun deal. His was truly a better gun and a better deal, but this one was pretty good in my estimation.
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