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Either I didn't explain it well or you are thinking two-dimensionally. You always shoot for the center of the body, that "golden triangle" is just for explaining it to people, but it is more like a "golden cone".
There seemed to be a pattern of two dimensional proclamations. When folks reference nipple-nipple-chin or nipple-nipple-base of the neck and use the word "triangle" then the description is most definitely about hitting the front of the body in an two dimensional area. Interestingly, mete even noted...

COM is no longer seen to be the best target . A triangle , nipple , to nipple ,to base of neck is the best.
Of course this sounds great on a 100% forward facing fully upright target that is stationary and directly in front of you which isn't always the case and part of the reason why COM shots are preferred, though some prefer center of chest or torso or the center of the largest amount of mass exposed in a dynamic self defense situation which yields the greatest likelihood of landing shots on target.

"COM" is nice because "center" is applicable in 3 dimensions and the targets you are trying to reach are in fact inside of the body.

Sadly, folks under stress will do what they are taught and if they are taught to try to shoot for the region between the nipples and chin or nipples and neck, they will likely do that regardless of the orientation of the person they are attempting to defend against.

Odd Job had a great series of graphics depicting how even a shot entering directly over the heart and perfectly between the nipples can miss the heart if the person being shot is oriented at an angle. Odd Job was making the point nicely that external and 2-D landmark locations for hitting are often very insufficient descriptors for telling people how to strike the critical anatomy needing to be hit. Unfortunately, his imagery was removed...

So yes, if a person trying to harm you is bladed toward you and you wish to defend yourself by shooting them, then aiming between the nipples and chin/neck may not be a good idea at all as the proclaimed landmarks are no longer viable or as viable external landmarks for attempting to hit the critical vital organs intended.
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