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#1 Create a system of equality and a society of inclusion.

Inequality is the number 1 cause of crime. We have a bigger and bigger population fighting over a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. Greed and exclusion from basic needs drives people do do things the would not normally do.
Disagree. Poverty has the highest correlation with crime. Inclusion is a meaningless word. Equality before the law is a must, elsewhere is a Bad Idea (e.g., communism).

We waste billions on housing non violent criminals not including the billions that they are not putting into the economy. They can not repay society for their crimes if they are stuck in prison.
This is false logic. Some non-violent criminals (e.g. thieves, con-men, Bernie Madoff, etc), are better kept in prison because when free, they are a net loss to society.

If you're going to try and hide behind economic principles, you'll also need to amend your stance on drugs (and perhaps other issues). There are many drugs which are so debilitating and addictive that they are a net loss to society as well, given how much money is lost treating the addicts, ameliorating the damage they cause, etc.

#7 pass the violence against women act
Who cares about the victim's gender? Don't men deserve an equal expectation to live a life free of violence?

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