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I doubt it is worth much today, that style of stock isn't popular anymore. Looks like a stock from Richard's Microfit, but could be an old Herters stock. From the pictures I can't tell what action it fits, probably some old Military sporter.

Actually that last picture makes me think it is a Richard's stock, I think they bought up all the old basketweave Weatherby recoil pads when the stopped using them. I've had two Richard's stocks come in with brown Weatherby recoil pads just like that one. I really doubt that is an actual Weatherby stock.

To me it looks like there is some damage to the finish. The recoil pad needs updating and I'm not a huge fan of the white maple spacers or inlay work. Someone with some talent did do the work on the inlays, checkering, and carvings. I might use it if I had a need for a stock to fit something I had laying around, but I'd rather pay more to buy something I'd like better.
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