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The P35 is currently available in 9mm and 40 S&W. The frame and slide were strengthened for the upgrade to 40.

Standard mags allow for 13+1. Military mags can be 15+1 without extending below the grip.

An exceptionally well balanced gun in 9mm. Slim and easy to conceal or to carry openly. Neither too heavy nor light. Excellent for many different sized hands. Accurate enough. Good looking, exceptionally reliable and durable. It has been in continuous military and law enforcement service since 1935. It has never failed to deliver the goods.

It is being phased out of service in England largely due to cost per unit. It has served in Great Britain, Canada and many other nations without significant complaint.

If a fella asks "What's the best fighting hand gun in 9mm available today?" the BHP will still be in the argument that follows.

You can read more about them at Steven Camp's excellent site...

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